Unique Sailing Cruises

Memories for a lifetime

Triskel Travel offers unique sailing experiences on a classic wooden 82 feet sailing yacht. During a week, you can fill up your senses while cruising through blue water, experiencing the beautiful coastline with its amazing bays and pitoresque villages and gazing at millions of stars above the ocean. The combination of this and being far away from distraction and day to day life, encourages being in touch with ourselves and finding total relaxation on board of the New Horizons. There are 25 cruises to choose from, each with a different route.

Disconnect to reconnect

Although this is not mandatory of course, we invite you to disconnect in order to reconnect! This disconnection from speed, computers, tablets and even mobile phones allows you to pause, reflect and reconnect with what’s most important to you without distraction from the outside world.

On an authentic wooden sailing ship

The maximum number of guests is twelve. The accommodations are luxurious, with your own private bathroom. The journey is including bed linen and towels, moorings, fuel and taxes. For food and drinks on board, we have a board cash. Our delicious dishes are based on the Mediterranean cuisine.

Unique experiences for Solo Travelers

Previous Experience

No previous sailing experience is necessary. However, if you are up to it, you can participate in some parts of the sailing, like steering, raising the sails or help with anchoring. We do not expect you to become a seasoned sailor but taking some part in running the boat makes you a guest crew member instead of just a tourist.


Unique Sailing Cruises

Being on the water away from distraction, the impact of nature, the vastness, seeing dolphins in the wild, really has an impact on us. It’s like something inside us awakens. The emphasis of our cruises is not on the sailing or destinations, which are awesome by the way. Nor on change deliberately, but it seems to be inevitable, as the mind automatically becomes quiet and the voice of the heart starts to speak. New possibilities pop up, new directions are made clear; hence the name of the ship: New Horizons. Triskel Travel therefore is much more than just a vacation. It provides unique experiences that create memories for a lifetime.


True North

We believe that the core of a happy and fulfilled life is to be in alignment with your inner compass. A sense of being that arises when we are content with who we are, aware of our thoughts and emotions, not lost in the future or past. We can live every day of our lives peacefully if we stay true to this course, knowing that we are the best version of ourselves, with a focused and relaxed mind, no matter the outside circumstances.

This in sharp contrast with the day-to-day reality that many people face. We are often in a hurry, slaves to our digital environment and sometimes we live the life that others expect from us or we think they expect from us. So many hours a day, we are connected through internet that we are in fact disconnected from ourselves. Is this sustainable? We believe that staying true to your inner compass during your vacation will definitely improve the rest of your life at all levels.


The Perfect Vacation

We belief it’s a good thing to slow down once in a while, as you will do during your sailing cruise with us. Take a good look in all directions and most of all within and be aware of our thoughts and feelings. We cannot change the winds, but we can plot our course in life and set and adjust our sails in the only right direction that is aligned with our core being, which is Feeling Good.


Your Travel Companion

Although we do have some serious fun, Triskel Travel is not about loud music, partying till late and sleeping in till noon. We treasure the quietness and stillness of the sea and Milky way above. As we have no other distraction then the wind, the waves and the stars above, this experience will provide you a place and time just for you!

Most of our guests book this expedition with their partner, friend or family member. Therefore, you have mixed fellow travellers on board. We travel with a maximum of twelve like-minded-spirits during a cruise. Apart from time for yourself, we invite you to interact with others from your own space. It may enrich your life, as friendships are made on board.

We also welcome solo travellers

Solo travelling is a new term we see in the travel industry and has nothing to do with being single or alone. Especially when people rarely spend significant time alone it can be a powerful, introspective and life-changing experience to really connect to their inner being and see how it feels.

If you never travelled alone before, this experience can be truly transitioning. You become most likely more self-aware. Especially if this is the first time you travel alone it can feel a bit scary. We are talking from experience here, that once you have done it you will feel empowered and feel more confident. And the good news is that there is no surcharge for you.


Magic of the Sea

You might call it vacation, but you will find out that in reality a sailing cruise with us is much more. During this journey, you will not change your life overnight. But through the magic of the sea you will get insights to go back to your core being which will help you to create a better focus on your true purpose in life, your values, passion and internal compass.

Your sailing cruise is above all a nice vacation, but with a touch of a spiritual, energetic and emotional journey, but always combined with a lot of fun, as joy is one of the highest frequencies proven. During our journey, we will drop the anchor, have time to relax and sunbathe, go ashore, visit old villages and take a swim straight off the boat if you want. We will definitely look out for dolphins and many times they find us ;-).


Dining on board

Silent Dinners

Two of the dinners on board are silent dinners. How we eat is just as important as what we eat. Eating in silence while watching the sea helps us to listen to our inner voice. Just one moment of the day especially for you, being in your own space and energy. We reconnect to ourselves and our individual needs and have the possibility to explore our individual relationship with food and the process of eating.

Dinners on shore

One or two dinners are in restaurants on shore, allowing you to connect with the locals and enjoy their authentic food and hospitality. After the dinner, we will pick you up with the tender to bring you on board of your ship safely.

What our guests say...


The overall experience was imbued with the love and passion of the organization. Noticeable in the smallest details. The food was not only extremely tasty but added also to a wonderful experience. The sound of the waves, the beautiful view, the appropriate music and to be joined in silence together enjoying dinner. Moments to never forget.


Alexander Wijnen

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A word from the Skipper

We offer you unique experiences on board of our sailing yacht. Your vacation is more than just a sailing charter. It is a journey where you can disconnect to reconnect and be one with nature. Let me introduce myself and your vessel for this adventure of a lifetime. Welcome at Triskel Travel!

The canvas can do miracles…

Christopher Cross sang about this in his song ‘Sailing’. And it is so true for me. While sailing I feel at peace with who and where I am. I flew helicopters, jumped out of airplanes, did meditation, Reiki and yoga, participated in seminars by some of the greatest minds of our times, followed the trails of ancient pilgrims, slept in monasteries and even spent nights alone in the Black Forrest.

But nowhere do I get closer to my core as in the middle of the sea, surrounded by nothing but water. Combining this magic of the sea with a special program on board allows you to go back to what you truly are; free!

I invite you to join me. Check out the routes here.

See you on board!



About your sailing yacht

Your vessel on this sailing cruise is an authentic wooden 82 feet sailing yacht. This 25-meter-long vessel named “New Horizons” features luxury accommodations, a sun bathing/lounge area in the front and a covered dining area in the rear. The ship adheres to MCA safety standards and is fitted with a reliable engine and the latest safety, communications and navigational equipment. It also features a large, stable tender to carry passengers to/from the shore.


About the cruises

There are 25 cruises to choose from. Each 8-day/7 nights cruise is a leg of a half year journey. You can combine multiple legs for a longer cruise. The price of a 8-day sailing cruise on board the New Horizons is € 795,-. We don’t ask a higher price for the summer season, as we follow the nice weather anyway.

The price includes accommodation on board, a private bathroom per cabin, Mediterranean breakfast, bed linnen, towels and cleaning, fuel, port charges and all taxes. For food and drinks on board, we have a board cash (see FAQ). There are no booking- or administration fees. There is also no surchage for solo travelers, providing there is availability, so we advise to book your cruise early.

Our Mission

Our vision is to provide our guests with one of the most cherished moments of their lives. To achieve this, we offer them attractive sailing cruises combined with unique experiences for memories that will last a lifetime. Our core values include safety first, respect for all and integrity.

Our sailing cruises are Carbon Neutral.