Unique Sailing Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea

Memories for a lifetime

Triskel Travel is much more than just a vacation. We provide unique experiences that create memories for a lifetime on a classic wooden 82 foot sailing yacht.

During a week, you can fill up your senses while cruising through blue water, experiencing the beautiful coastline with its amazing bays and picturesque villages and gazing at millions of stars above the ocean. The combination of this and being far away from distraction and day to day life, encourages being in touch with ourselves and finding total relaxation on board of the New Horizons. There are 31 cruises to choose from.


Unique Sailing Cruises

Being on the water away from distraction, the impact of nature, the vastness, seeing dolphins in the wild, really has an impact on us.

It’s like something inside us awakens. The emphasis of our cruises is not on the sailing or destinations, which are awesome by the way. Nor on change deliberately, but it seems to be inevitable, as the mind automatically becomes quiet and the voice of the heart starts to speak. New possibilities pop up, new directions are made clear, hence the name of the ship: New Horizons.

True North

We believe that the core of a happy and fulfilled life is to be in alignment with your inner compass.

A sense of being that arises when we are content with who we are, aware of our thoughts and emotions, not lost in the future or past. We can live every day of our lives peacefully if we stay true to this course, knowing that we are the best version of ourselves, with a focused and relaxed mind, no matter the outside circumstances.


The Perfect Vacation

We believe it’s a good thing to slow down once in a while, as you will do during your sailing cruise with us.

Take a good look in all directions and most of all within and be aware of our thoughts and feelings. We cannot change the winds, but we can plot our course in life, set and adjust our sails in the only right direction that is aligned with our core being, which is Feeling Good.

Your Travel Companion

Although we do have some serious fun, Triskel Travel is not about loud music, partying till late and sleeping in till noon.

As we have no other distraction than the wind, the waves and the stars above, this experience will provide you a place and time just for you!

Most of our guests book this expedition with their partner, friend or family member. Therefore, you have mixed fellow travellers on board. We travel with a maximum of twelve like-minded-spirits during a cruise.


Solo travellers welcome

Solo travelling is a new term we see in the travel industry and has nothing to do with being single or alone.

Especially when people rarely spend significant time alone it can be a powerful, introspective and life-changing experience to really connect to their inner being and see how it feels. And the good news is that there is no surcharge for you.

Magic of the Sea

Your vacation is more than just a sailing charter.

It is a journey where you can disconnect to reconnect and be one with nature. During our cruise, we will drop the anchor, have time to relax and sunbathe, go ashore, visit old villages and take a swim straight off the boat if you want. We will definitely look out for dolphins and many times they find us…


Dining on board

All delicious dishes on board are based on the local Mediterranean cuisine.

We try to use only fresh, local and organic ingredients, depending on availability at local markets. Two of the dinners on board are silent dinners. How we eat is just as important as what we eat. Eating in silence while watching the sea helps us to listen to our inner voice. Just one moment of the day especially for you, being in your own space and energy.

Two lunches or dinners are in restaurants on shore, allowing you to connect with the locals and enjoy their authentic food and hospitality. Afterwards, we will pick you up with the tender to bring you on board of your ship.


A word from the Skipper

Let me introduce myself and your vessel for this adventure of a lifetime. Welcome at Triskel Travel!

The canvas can do miracles…

Christopher Cross sang about this in his song ‘Sailing’. And it is so true for me. While sailing I feel at peace with who and where I am.

I flew helicopters, jumped out of airplanes, did meditation, Reiki and yoga, had several businesses, participated in seminars by some of the greatest minds of our times, followed the trails of ancient pilgrims, slept in monasteries and even spent nights alone in the Black Forrest.

But nowhere do I get closer to my core as on the sea, surrounded by nothing but water. I invite you to join me.

See you on board!


About your sailing yacht

Your vessel on this sailing cruise is an authentic wooden 82 feet sailing yacht.

This 25-meter-long vessel named “New Horizons” features luxury accommodations, a sun bathing/lounge area in the front and a covered dining area in the rear. It also features a large, stable tender to carry passengers to/from the shore.

About your cabin

There are four 3-person cabins and three 2-person cabins on board, each with private bathroom/toilet and airconditioning.

Your Crew on the New Horizons

We sail with a crew of four. Fred, the Dutch skipper and the British First Officer Phil are both “RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Commercial” certified. Furthermore, we have Guy, a genuine Italian cook and Sven, the Dutch host on board. Together, we will make sure that you will enjoy a sailing vacation that you will never forget.

Fred Krautwurst
Skipper New Horizons
Phil Morris
First Officer New Horizons
Guy Filabozzi
Cook New Horizons
Sven Ortmans
Host New Horizons

About the sailing cruises

There are 31 sailing cruises to choose from. Each cruise has a number, which corresponds with one week of our half year journey. You can combine two cruises for a longer vacation to receive a discount.

All 8 days sailing cruises are normally € 895,-. However for 2018, we have deducted an allowance for airline tickets and seasonal discounts, which you can find combined on this page. For other discounts and conditions see FAQ.

Deposit is 25%, remainder to be paid 6 weeks prior cruise.

Are you ready for a vacation of your lifetime?

Triskel Travel is much more than just a vacation. We provide unique experiences that create memories for a lifetime on a classic wooden 82 feet sailing yacht.

The price includes luxury accommodation with a private bathroom per cabin, bed linnen, towels and cleaning, fuel, port charges and all taxes. There is a board cash for food and drinks on board are very reasonably priced. There are no booking- or administration fees. There is also no surchage for solo travelers, providing there is availability, so we advise to book your cruise early. (see FAQ).


A day on board of the New Horizons…

As all journeys are unique and one of a kind, there is no such thing as a typical day. However, to give you a glimpse of what you can expect, we give you an example of a day on the New Horizons. Can you imagine yourself on board?

Breakfast on board

Breakfast on board

In the morning at eight o’clock as the first passengers already take a refreshing dip in the clear blue water, the smell of baked bread and Italian coffee comes out of the galley. A healthy breakfast is served at the large table on the aft deck.

A nice breeze sets in, so the skipper suggests that we head for the next bay. Looking at the map, this sounds as an excellent proposal. We will be there at lunch time. The anchor is lifted, the sails are set and we glide through the clear, turquoise water.


A typical village along the coast

Some remain at the cosy table, reading a book. While others take this opportunity to work on their sun tan at the lounge area in the front. If you want to participate in raising the sails or steer the ship, the skipper will patiently guide you through the steps.


Cheerful dolphins

Suddenly you can hear a load cheer from the front of the ship. Six playful dolphins swim at starboard side. What a joy to see. All passengers go to the bow to watch these fascinating sea mammals. Around noon we arrive at a bay with a typical small Italian village. After lunch, some stay behind on the ship to read or swim, while others make their way on the tender to the shore to enjoy a nice stroll through small alleys to local shops.

Santa Giulia

Perfect beaches

At four o’clock everyone is aboard again and we are heading towards our destination for the night; a beautiful quiet bay, at which we arrive after two hours of smooth sailing. The anchor is dropped and some antipasti is served on the sun deck. We all have a nice glass of local Italian wine, while enjoying chill out music.

Time seems to fly, because suddenly we hear the ship’s bell as a sign that dinner is served at the dining table. Tonight, we are treated to authentic, regional dishes with fresh ingredients.

Evening on board

Evening on board

After dinner, we make plans for tomorrow. It looks like another day in paradise, so we decide to go sailing for a couple of hours. After that, some of us will go to shore to hike an ancient trail to the top of the mountain where they will enjoy a breath-taking view. While other take the time to relax on the perfect white sanded beach in front of us. It sounds like an exciting day ahead of us.

Before going to our cosy beds, we all stare at the overwhelming starry sky and dream away in the hope that this never again will pass…

What our guests say...


Adventurous and very special. The captain is a professional and also very nice. A scenic route and quiet dinners on board are brilliant.


Anne Pennekamp

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Our Mission

Our vision is to provide our guests with one of the most cherished moments of their lives. To achieve this, we offer them attractive sailing cruises combined with unique experiences for memories that will last a lifetime. Our sailing cruises are Carbon Neutral.

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